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A little over a year ago, I attended a conference on technology, culture, and Christian spirituality down at Laity Lodge in Texas. That conference featured Albert Borgmann, the well-known philosopher of technology, as well as those who have found his work to be an inspiration for their own.

It was an engaging and fun conference, but my colleague Al Erisman and I returned from that trip feeling that something was missing from the discussion. Both of us felt that the practical experiences of those who design, develop, and direct technical projects were not yet integrated into the theoretical perspectives of the academics. I also felt that the insights from more recent science and technology studies could add more nuance and balance to the discussion.

In response, I started this blog, and Al started writing some pieces for his journal Ethix. We both spent some time working out our thoughts, and when we met again last fall, we decided to organize another conference, one that would continue the great work done down at Laity, but also build upon it and push the conversation forward in light of our current context.

I want to invite you to join us at this conference. We seek to gather a diverse set of people who are interested in rethinking the Christian commentary on technology for the digital era. Our aim is to start a new conversation that blends the theoretical perspectives from academia with the practical experiences of those who actively work with and on information technologies. Al, myself, and several of our speakers have worked in both arenas, and know how valuable it is to have each of these perspectives inform the other.

The conference will be held this summer, June 22-23 on the Seattle Pacific University campus (Seattle, WA, USA). We have a fantastic set of keynote speakers, the names of which regular readers of this blog will no doubt recognize:

They will be joined by several other panelists who will discuss the Christian commentary on technology thus far, how communities and individuals are flourishing (or withering) in online spaces, and how we can integrate our Christian faith with our engineering practice.

Space constraints require us to limit the size of this conference, so register early to guarantee your place!

If you know someone who would be interested in this conference, please forward this post to them, or send them a direct link to the conference web site:

I hope to see many of you at the conference!


9 thoughts on “The Digital Society Conference

  1. carlaxelfranzon

    Sounds like a great conference. Won’t be able to make it this time around. Any chance content will be available online afterwards?

    1. David Stearns Post author

      Sorry to hear that you can’t make it, Carl, but thanks for asking that question. I’ve requested that the Center for Integrity in Business (the hosts) record the sessions, at least audio if not video so that we can make them available online after the event. If it does come to pass, I’ll announce that here on this blog when the content becomes available.

  2. Antoine RJ Wright

    This really sounds like a great conference. I might be double booked, hence not able to make it. But man, this is so right up my alley/career/vocation/etc. It’s on the Mobile Ministry Event Calendar, perhaps someone or some many from the Mobile Ministry Forum will represent there.

    1. David Stearns Post author

      Hi Antoine, thanks for your interest in the conference, and I hope to see you or someone from your organization there. Out of curiosity, how did you hear about the conference? We’ve been trying to get the word out, so I’m glad it reached you. Even if you can’t come, please mention the conference to others you think might be interested.

  3. ARJWright

    Yeech; not sure if last comment posted or not (WP login moment)…

    This conference got on my radar about a week or so ago. It might be a conflict with another traveling moment on my end, else I would definitly try and get to this. My career/faith tends to sit in this space as well.

    I have this added to the Mobile Ministry Event Calendar, so perhaps those following it, or groups within the Mobile Ministry Forum, will step up to attend.

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